Healthy Tips For The Holidays

It’s holiday party season– hooray!

The holiday party loop can be tricky to navigate. Cookies are everywhere– at work, at home, at cookie swaps. Wine is flowin’ and we’re tempted by the holiday foods we won’t see again for another year. Often, we enter the new year feeling a little bloated, a tad bit run down and in pants that are just a little too tight.

I want you to feel good all season long– even with loads of holiday parties to attend. After all, when you feel good and have energy, you’re happier, you have more patience and you look better. Win!

Here are 7 easy tips to help you sail through this holiday season. You’ll feel great. You’ll look great. You’ll begin the new year feeling healthy and ready to kick some ass.

#1: Pick your treats

Before the party, decide what you’ll treat yourself to. If you’re meeting friends for holiday dinner, maybe you’ll treat yourself with a couple glasses of wine. If it’s a family party, then maybe you’ll skip the wine and enjoy some peppermint brownies {yum!}. The idea is to pick one treat. This way, you won’t deny yourself, but you also won’t overdo it.

#2: Eat a snack before you go

When you go to a party hungry, everything looks good, right? Chips, wings, cookies– it don’t matter what it is! Have a snack or light meal before you go. Ideally, choose one that’s comprised of protein and veggies. A hard-boiled egg and carrot sticks. Hummus and veggies. A few slices of roasted chicken with cucumbers. A cup of black bean soup.

#3: Choose the right drinks

Those fruity mixers and liquor mixed with soda are straight up sugar bombs. Avoid ‘em. Choose wine– dry red is slightly better than dry white (less sugar). The dry bubbly (champagne) is a good choice, too. Vodka or tequila neat or mixed with soda water with lime is another low sugar option. And, you can always opt out of alcohol and sip mocktails or straight soda water with citrus.

#4: Alternate water and alcohol

If you’re drinking alcohol, make sure to alternate with a glass of water. It will help you stay hydrated and slow down your intake. Slowing down your intake is good for many reasons, but remember that when you drink, your inhibitions are lowered. Food that you are trying to avoid or that you typically don’t eat begins to look fantastic (cheese fries, anyone?)

7 tips to avoid overeating at holiday parties

#5: Bring something healthy & clean to share

When you bring your favorite clean and healthy dish, you’ll always have something to eat. Think bean salads, soups, green salad with homemade dressing, kale salad or a veggie-based appetizer.

#6: Buffet strategy

Here’s your buffet strategy: fill half your plate with veggies and limit yourself to one plate. The fiber from the veggies will help you feel full and one plate will help you be choosy.

#7: Remember why you’re there

The purpose of a holiday party is to visit with friends and loved ones. Yup- the delicious food is an added bonus, but ultimately it’s about reconnecting and bringing light and warmth to the darkest days of the year.

One last tip– if you do overdo it at a party, be gentle with yourself. Stay curious and reflect on what, if anything, triggered you. And, begin the day after an indulgence with a green smoothie to help you get back on the clean eating wagon as soon as possible.


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