Patient Education
Welcome to Homewood Family Medicine’s Patient Education Center! Below you will find patient education on a variety of topics for you to read and download in PDF format! If there is something that you would like to see added, let us know!

Vaccine Schedule (Children 0 – 6 years)

Vacaccine Schedule (Children 7 – 18 years)

Adult Vaccine Schedule

What Is Diabetes?


The Emotional Side of Diabetes

Diabetes Travel Fact Sheet

Fast Food Choices

Checking Your Blood Sugar

Diabetes and Your Eyes
Building A Balanced Meal

Feel Better Without Antibiotics – Pediatric

Feel Better Without Antibiotics – Adults

Bronchitis – Children

Bronchitis – Adults

When Play Is Too Much: Sports Medicine – Children/Youth

Conditioning Tips

Football Injury Prevention


Cheerleading Injury Prevention

Basketball Injury Prevention

Baseball Injury Prevention

Wrestling Injury Prevention

Volleyball Injury Prevention

Strength Training – Youth

Soccer Injury Prevention

Sports Nutrition

Running Injury Prevention

Heat Illness

Gymnastics Injury Prevention

Golf Injury Prevention

My Life Check

Getting Ready to Lose Some Weight?
thumbnail of Exercise_GettingReadyToLoseSomeWeight

High Blood Pressure Medicine
thumbnail of High blood pressure mediciation

Physical Activity Pyramid
thumbnail of Excercise PhysicalActivityPyramid

Walking and Physical Activity
thumbnail of Exercise Walking

The Flu and Antiviral Medications
thumbnail of antiviral-factsheet-updated CDC

Hypertension, High Blood Pressure & Stroke
thumbnail of High Blood Pressure and stroke